Perhaps you are divorced, have been dumped, have a broken heart, have been abused, taken advantage of, have been cheated on or lied to. You have a trust issue with the opposite sex. You haven’t been on a date in seven years or more. Your spouse died or left and you are tired of being alone, or you just haven’t ever had a lot of success with the ritual known as dating for whatever reason. If any of this is true for you, then this course is for you. A safe non-threatening strategy designed to escalate your feminine power and find your man.

Course Description


We appreciate your eagerness to learn, and acknowledge you for being open to the possibility that you can have whatever you want from a man who loves you just because he loves you and wants to make you happy. In this program and through our e-Courses and coaching programs, we are honored to be able to help you to overcome your fears and expand your comfort zone to create the relationship that you really want.

Course Includes
  • Week 1: Dating is for kids and you aren’t a teenager anymore.
  • Week 2: The first rule of new relationships is you must leave the house.
  • Week 3: Set yourself a goal to meet 40 new people and find out who they are.
  • Week 4: Ask for what you want. Never settle for less than what you want. Don’t waste a lot of time.
  • Week 5: Be straight and direct and always gracious when you say no.
  • Week 6: No sex until you know who this person is and the possible exception to this rule.


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