I appreciate your willingness to explore this sensitive area of intimacy and acknowledge you for taking the risk to honestly evaluate and take action to revive the passion in your relationship.

Your courage to learn, grow, be intentional and conscious in this very personal area of your life will be well rewarded.

Course Description


This 6-week e-course will introduce you to my strategy that will keep your relationship steamy and satisfying. If you are considering this course, I must assume that your sex and love life is not as hot as you’d like it to be. Reality has it that when the sex cools off or is non- existent in your relationship, it almost always is suppressed anger that is cooling the ardor. So, of course, that has to be handled, but the good news is if you still want sex with this person, it’s not too late to rectify the situation.

The course chapter and homework assignment will be emailed to you each week.

Course  Includes
  • Week One: Tell the Truth.
  • Week Two: Practice seduction every day all day long.
  • Week Three: Flirt, touch, kiss, be spontaneous.
  • Week Four: Do naughty things and be playful.
  • Week Five: Live in a fantasy world.
  • Week Six : Never go to bed angry.

Total Value $197.00

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